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Become a Member-Owner of a Credit Union

Roots are the foundation on which something grows and at AIM Credit Union, it is no exception. For over 85 years, we have grown to 4 locations and over 11,000 members. ACU is a closed-field of membership credit union which means you must have a connection through an employer or family member to join. Here is a complete list of businesses that we work with.

The benefit of being closed-field membership is that we can keep LOW FEES and provide BETTER RATES for you and your family. Our roots grow deep and we invite your family to join too. Spread the love and refer your family today. We welcome the following family members to open an account with us.

Spouse or Fiancé
First Cousins

“Once a member, always a member.” Open a share savings account for as little as $5. After that, there are no annual fees or maintenance fees to keep your account open. Even if you change jobs or move across the country; once you become a member of ACU, you are always a member.

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