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Become a Work Partner

Become a Credit Union @ Work Partner

AIM Credit Union (ACU) is a full-service cooperative financial institution that is owned by our members. Credit Unions are not-for-profit, so unlike banks, we're here for people, not profits. We return any extra earnings to members in the form of benefits like lower fees and better interest rates.

Offering AIM Credit Union membership helps your company by:

  • Enhancing your benefits package at no expense to your company.
  • Increase in employee productivity and engagement, lower absenteeism, reduced turnover and greater profitability.1
  • Providing financial education.

We've been serving members since 1933

AIM Credit Union was founded in 1933 to serve the local utility company in Dubuque, Iowa. The Credit Union was started by a group of local employees that wanted to see their co-workers succeed during the Great Depression. During this time, operations were run out of the treasurer's desk drawer before and after work, and also during lunches (for cash only deposits and withdrawals!).

Since then, we've grown. We've grown into five offices, over 25 full-time employees and over 9,000 members.

Once a member, always a member

This means, that if an employee should leave or retire from your company, they will still maintain all the privileges associated with AIM Credit Union membership – even if they move to another area or state.

Credit Union membership is worth hundreds.

In a recent benefit audit completed by Credit Union National Association (CUNA), it estimated:

  • AIM Credit Union provided $889,449 in direct financial benefits to its members during the most recent twelve month period.
  • Loyal AIM Credit Union members received $211 per household in direct financial benefits during a twelve month period.

Adding AIM Credit Union to your benefit list is simple.

Enrolling your company couldn't be easier. We provide marketing materials and handle the enrollment process. An AIM Credit Union representative will visit your company once, twice or four times a year and can set up in any room at your company. Employees can speak to an AIM Credit Union representative on their break or lunch hour, which won't take away from their work schedule.

Become a Credit Union @ Work partner today!

There are no fees, contracts or commitments when adding AIM Credit Union to your benefits package. Call AIM Credit Union at 800-928-4328 or email to get started today.

At AIM Credit Union, our goal is to help you become a more valued employer.

1 Kane, Tom (2008, August). American workers: Getting ahead or just getting by? Chicago, Illinois.