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Mobile Banking

Mobile Banking is a convenient, secure service that lets you access your account information and conduct transactions from a web-enabled wireless phone. The mobile banking interface is specially designed to provide optimal viewing on a mobile phone screen.

Everything available on this website is available through the mobile site at the same address. Access it from any mobile device and the content will be transformed into the best format for viewing at that size. Additionally, Android and IOS mobile applications are available in their app stores.

IOS Application Android Application

Below are common questions that users may have regarding mobile banking.

Do I need to enroll to use Mobile Banking?

If you are enrolled in WebTeller, the credit union's online banking service, you can use Mobile Banking. There is no additional enrollment required for Mobile Banking.

The Login Id and password for Mobile Banking are the same as your WebTeller Login ID and password. When typing uppercase letters in your password, be mindful of whether the Shift key is activated on your phone.

All terms and conditions applicable to WebTeller also apply to Mobile Banking.

How do I start using Mobile Banking?

Mobile Banking is offered in two formats – a Web Access (WAP) and an Application (APP) version. The WAP version is browser-based and can be used with any mobile phone that has Internet access. We also offer mobile banking Smartphone APPs for Android and the iPhone/iPad.

To download the mobile banking APPs or to use the web browser-based mobile banking, just visit our site from a mobile device.

What is the difference between Web Access (WAP) and Application (APP) versions of mobile banking?

Web Access uses the web browser on your phone. Web Access is very similar to using the web browser on your desktop or laptop computer to log into Web Teller. Instead of signing on to the full WebTeller site, you are signing on to a more compact version. Web Access is optimized for the smaller screens and speed limitations of mobile phones. With only a web browser needed for Web Access, most web-enabled phones will be compatible with the WAP version.

The Application (APP) version is a small software program that you download and install on your Smartphone. The Application is specifically designed for mobile banking tasks. It is generally faster than the WAP version because the interface is installed on the phone and only the data is refreshed through the Internet connection. The APP offers added features not found in Web Access. In order to use the Application version, you must have a compatible Smartphone. APP versions are available for Android and the iPhone/iPad.

If you have a compatible Smartphone, you can use either or both the WAP and APP versions.

Is there a charge to use Mobile Banking?

The credit union does not charge members to use our mobile banking service; however, depending on your mobile phone data plan, your wireless provider may charge for Internet access. Please confirm the parameters of your data plan with your wireless provider.

What services are available through Mobile Banking?

Web Access and Application versions provide these services:

  • Check Account Balances
  • View Transaction History
  • Deposit a check by taking a picture with your smartphone (apps only)
    • Transfer funds
    • Transfer to another member's account is not available (use WebTeller for this)
  • "Mail a check to me" is not available (use WebTeller for this)
  • Make loan payments
  • Find branch locations, business hours, and telephone numbers
  • Search for Surcharge Free ATMs
  • Send a secure message to the credit union

What security features are employed with Mobile Banking?

Members can bank with confidence that their personal information is protected by advanced encryption technology to prevent unauthorized access. The OFX Connection to the credit union's server is the same as that used by Quicken®. OFX is the industry standard for consumer and small business online banking.

Your Mobile Banking account will be locked after 5 unsuccessful login attempts.

Mobile Banking will time out after a 15 minute period of inactivity. You will also be logged out of mobile banking when your device screen lock is activated. Our mobile banking APP version does not permit users to save passwords in the application. If you log in to your account from a new mobile device, you will be required to answer a multifactor authentication question.

We strongly encourage you to also implement general security measures on your mobile phone, including a screen or keypad lock.

What happens if I get locked out of Mobile Banking?

If you are locked out of your account while using Mobile Banking, please call the credit union (800-928-4328) to have your account unlocked.

Can I change my Password in Mobile Banking?

There is a "Forgot your Password?" link on the mobile banking login page. You can click on this link to have a temporary password sent to the email address on your account. Once you enter the temporary password in mobile banking, you will be immediately required to update your password to a phrase known only to you.

How do I resolve connection problems when trying to access mobile banking?

The Web Access version of Mobile Banking uses your phone's mobile Internet connection to retrieve each web page. The Application version uses your phone's mobile Internet connection to retrieve financial data. If you receive an error when connecting or a page does not load in the browser, check your phone's Internet signal indicator and try moving to an area with better signal power.